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Offering Two Day to 5 Day Retreats

We are a unique specialist women’s only meditation, healing, self-development, and yoga retreat for the Mind Body, and Soul. We help women regain their power back we remove your past pain. You will go through a meditation, coaching, and energy healing programme with Hatha Yoga. The results are amazing you feel powerful again, happy, and reset for the world. You will alleviate negative energy, stress, and anxiety your souls will be cleansed and reset. You will learn tools through meditation to deal with life’s challenges and for a much happier you and abundant life. Please view full program on Mindset Program.

Our programme is for the burnt out, exhausted, stressed, Struggling mentally, feel anxious, and for the lost and those in need of repair. So many women spend money on making themselves look good, however, you need to feel good inside and once you feel good on inside you will so much more prettier on the outside. From experience, a lot of us have suffered a trauma in our personal lives that a lot of people haven’t deal with.

Awaken your Kundalini

Gemma Marbella

Also with these current times so much going on and so much to deal with mentally, a lot of people are feeling, anxious, stressed, and depressed. However don’t worry help is on its way, keep positive and book your retreat with the Omega Retreat. Receive energy healing, self-development, meditation, meditation tools, relaxation, and healthy food. Book one of the retreats or book our 8hour online program lost To Found. Get one-to-one coaching with Gemma Marbella. Please view the program below. Give us your email we will send you a webinar and free meditation try before you buy.

With our specialised coaching we will go on a personal journey, addressing your triggers, forgiving your (type here says you should be your) past whilst showing you your true wonderful self, strength and all! You will go from the wonderful transition from lost to found. You will find your true calling, achieve your end goal, living the rich and vibrant life that you truly deserve. So go ahead invest in your Book your one-to-one online coaching with Gemma Marbella 8 hour online course that will change your life in a huge positive way. We can do hours around what works for you. Please see full program below.

Send us an Email to get your free webinar and 30 minute meditation try before you buy. Contact me after for free consultation zoom to.

Includes all meditations

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Course Content

One-to-one coaching with Gemma. Meditation & energy healing program. See amazing results. Empower you again.

From this course you will feel completely reset and positive. We have seen amazing transformation results.

You will change your thinking. Increase your emotional wellbeing. Change your limiting beliefs. Remove past pictures and beliefs. Set goals. Make life changes. Increase your motivation. Learn new skills. Find your inner peace. I look forward to meeting you online or at Omega Retreat.

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Omega Retreat

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Retreat would be announced next year​

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Our Programme Includes

Meditation Retreat

Mindset Workshops

Understand the thoughts, feelings, and behaviours you currently have. Teaching you to overcome any fears and negative patterns that have evolved through daily stresses and strains.

Daily Meditation

Connect deeply within yourself and nourish your soul.

Omega Casa

Hatha Yoga

The practice involves breath, body, and mind, and classes are usually 45 minutes to 60 minutes of breathing, yoga poses, and meditation. Yoga began in India around for 2,000 years ago as a series of spiritual breathing exercises.

Beauty Treatments

1 hour relaxing massage or 1 hour shatsui massage

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Omega Retreat

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Meet The Team at Omega Retreat
Gemma Marbella

Gemma Marbella

Life Coach in Holistic and Wellbeing, Certified Life Coach and in energy healing, the law of Attraction, and a certified Meditation Teacher. Thrives on teaching clients how to self-heal and giving them a positive mindset. And teaching them tools on how to have a happy abundant life.

Dione Lockyer

Dione Lockyer

A professional Life Coach she will be our speaking on fears and traumas. Certified in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Thrives on teaching women how to remove a negative mindset and to find their true inner self.

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