Gemma Marbella Life Coach


I started practicing Yoga and meditation three years ago self-taught. I started playing with energy meditation, gratitude and manifestation. I originally found interested in this as many or my wealthy friends was using meditation. So I thought there must be something to this that I don’t know.That’s was a understatement! For of all that I have learnt and still learning I can’t get enough. I was strangling mentally and was tired of nothing not working for me not matter how much I tried. So I decided to try this yoga, meditation stuff and see what happens. My gosh how it change my life.I removed negative energy out of my life and replaced it with positive energy using meditation, then started using manifestation and gratitude. Wow I got and great new job good money. So I thought this is cool this works.Then the lock down happened which blew all of our minds. So I decided to take my studies further. I then done a 3 month energy healing meditation course. This changed my life I removed old pain that was no longer serving me. I found sometimes when I was drinking alcohol I would rage in anger where I was full of pain. I knew there was an issue and had to save my family so I decided to do my every healing course.

Then things started to very interesting and good. Firstly I felt amazing when I completed my energy healing course my stomach was no longer in knots, I felt the pain leave my body. I felt like I had a massive dose of happy pills. I then saw my house 3 year ago which I often thought about and manifested. I now live in it. I now have great relationship with my partner and a happy family. So I then knew the tools I had been using work!! I knew the I had to teach others and just for your information these tools have around for centuries, however they have been kept from us and we all have busy lives.  Believe me this is the stuff you should be being taught at school.

I then went on to get my life coaching certificate and my meditation teacher certification. So I had my papers to prove I was certified in what I teach. I also have and A level and a degree in Business and Event Management from previous education.

I then knew I couldn’t do this alone and needed a partner who had great reputation. The universe then gave me Dione Lockyer, which is another amazing story in itself.

Between us we have some amazing life change tools for a happier abundant life. Tools to alleviate anxiety, stress, depression, loneliness. Tools to manifest you dream life, dream man. This want happened over night but will happen. I am so excited to share with all what I have learnt. I have written this from my heart.See you at one our retreats we got you!


A Certified and Professional Life coach, Dione is extremely passionate about helping women overcome their fears and traumas, address their past, and teaching them how to live the desired life they deserve. Dione is a woman who has experienced dark moments in her life, not knowing where to turn and could never see the light at the end of the tunnel.  She always believed she was not good enough, found it very hard to trust and lived every day with a negative mindset.  As a wife, and a mum of two boys, Dione understood that she needed to change.  She was teaching her boys to have limited beliefs, with a lack of self-worth.In 2017, she began to study Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and became a Certified Therapist and Life Coach.  In 2019, Dione launched her business, Dione Lockyer Mindset Mentor, teaching hundreds of women mindset techniques to free themselves from the thoughts and feelings that are holding them back.  She doesn’t hide her flaws,  in fact, she shares them openly, to enable others to relate and understand that a negative mindset and past traumas does not have to be forever.  She shares her own experiences, and is known to all of her members as The Real, Raw and Honest Mentor. in her free time, Dione loves to travel, and spend quality time with her husband and children.  She also loves to meet with her followers and members, booking events and retreats around the United Kingdom and Europe.You can follow Dione, her journey and passion by connecting with her on her business page